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Mechanical Floor Removal 

**BIA Commercial Floor Removal specializes in virtually dustless commercial floor removal for all types of floor coverings, coatings and floor prep.

Floor Preparation

Removes high spots
Resurfaces pool decks & concrete slabs /patios
Removes high spots to level the subfloor
Removes old or poorly installed epoxy
Removes paint
Removes glued-down flooring crack suppressants
Removes glued-down moisture barriers
Removes glued-down sound barriers
Removes glued-down carpet
Removes carpet glue
Removes VCT Vinyl Tile
Removes VCT Vinyl Tile glue
Removes Thin Set under tile, marble, and stone
Removes Mud-set
Installers of KOSTER® Vapor Drive primer

Floor Covering Removal

Removes solid real hardwood
Removes engineered hardwood/laminate
Removes tile, porcelain, and marble
Removes (VCT) Vinyl composition tile
Removes sheet vinyl
Removes glued-down carpet
Removes glued-down AstroTurf
Removes other floor coverings

Coatings Removal

Removes stains & glue from
stained concrete flooring
Removes stains & epoxy from
parking garages
Removes old or poorly installed epoxy
Removes paint / paint stripe
Removes glue down flooring
crack suppressants
Removes glue down moisture barriers
Removes glue down sound barriers


We solve problems with innovation; we have the right solutions for your job

Renovations, Build-Outs, & Demoilitian come with challenges that demand creative problem solving and expertise. At Blast It All, we live for these types of challenges. We believe that floor removal & prepping of the floor should be just as exceptional as the final finish.