Asbestos & Mercury Abatement

Asbestos & Mercury Abatement

We are fully licensed and certified to remove asbestos, lead, mercury and hazardous materials.

WetBlaster 2

Wet Shotblasting: Our Proprietary “wet method” of shot-blasting ensures strict dust control measures during the mechanical removal of asbestos mastic. We have both traditional electric machines and a fleet of ride-on wet-shot-blasters that can handle big projects

Remove Mastic, Tar Paper &
Glue From Solid Wood Floors

Don’t ever tear out wood floors again!
This original wooden floor was covered with plywood, tile, tar paper and mastic. Blast It All has the skills and resources to mechanically remove Mastic, Tar Paper and Glue, from Solid Wood Floors. Removal is better than replacement; it will save you time, and money, and its environmenatlly responsible.