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Concrete Grinding & Shaving

We take you down to the bare concrete.....

It is not unusual for adjacent floor slabs to have slightly different elevations, and diamond grinding and concrete shaving is an ideal way to remedy these problem areas as well as smooth out bumps and trip-hazards in concrete floors.
Floors have been shaved to accommodate new terrazzo, tile, wood, and decorative toppings and is less expensive and less intrusive than complete slab replacement.

Concrete grinding is often used to fix:

  1. Uneven floor level making tile and flooring difficult or impossible to install
  2. Uneven joints creating possible trip hazard
  3. Spalled areas and deteriorating surfaces
  4. Poor concrete installation
  5. Surface is too rough

Our industrial fleet includes ride-on machines for large areas, and several walk-behind units for smaller areas as well as hand-held machines for hard to reach corners.


We have the right machines to tackle any size job - up to 60,000 sft/day or more if that is what your job requires